thot i told ya

So about 3 years ago life changed. I had a baby with my grade school crush, got divorced later that year, got re-married to a chick with 5 kids - that was dumb, and I had an accident that left me blind and deaf on one side only. One side only.

By now u understand my humor... good 4u. Come forth blessd one. About 3 years ago I realized somehow I was not going to have this normal - started from the suburb now I'm in a bigger suburb - story. After college I decided to be a bum I mean a recording music artist - instead of using my degree and getting a job. Well, 12 years later, yeah nigga 12, I've come back 2 Louisville to start again. I now have to work harder, work on my craft more, work on my production chopz, and fight the good fight to survive. because guess what, world don't like the black man. black man seen as bad. but black man gon' save the world. because black man is human.


so anyway. i done worked part times and sh*t, cleaned toilets in bars, slept wit mouses or "mice", u get it. so here we are.

I came back, built a label (smile), reconnected w my friends to launch to the world (smile), and Im staying at the family house getting my sh*t together.  Ok, so r we gud? i thot i told ya, we. no. limit. soldiers.

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